Faculty and administrators know that, in principle, if you are never asked to examine, let alone defend, your beliefs, your
"This kind of government chilling of speech is precisely what the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is meant to prevent."
Diane Stone, University of Canberra Ignoring protest from around the world, the Hungarian government has fast-tracked legislation
We often talk about creating safe spaces for students to discuss sensitive topics in the classroom, but learning often isn't safe. Sometimes safe spaces can let you down.
Political pundits often see campus communities through a political lens that casts good versus bad as liberal or conservative
The first time a student will face the decision about whether to disclose is while writing his or her college application essay.
Some years ago after having made a decision to engage in administrative work the litany from my colleagues began: "I guess you have decided to go to the dark side." Recalling Darth Vader's hope that Luke will see the "darkness," I began to wonder what had drawn me away from the light.
He received an offer. It was perfect for him. He has been thriving. That isn't so. Other than the newly hired, who will be
Michelle A. Williams, an epidemiologist and professor at the School of Public Health, will lead the school as its next dean
"Allyship, in its best form, is constant work." It's the difference between identifying as an ally - someone who supports change versus someone who is part of a long-term process where trust and accountability are developed.