This article is also posted on Brooklyn Street Art. Lauren YS and Ouizi for Murals In The Market 2016. Detroit, Michigan
Lucamaleonte. Work in progress. (photo © VladyArt) There is talk about the possibility that this exhibition of about 60 artists
FAILE. Work in progress. MIMA Museum. Brussels, Belgium. April 2016. (photo © Alice van den Abeele) On opening day (which
This article is also posted on Brooklyn Street Art. Of the 10,000 or so images photographer Jaime Rojo took in 2015, here
You're about two life events from becoming a full-on hobo.
Boy, were we wrong. When we invited Ada to preview the work (read: challenge Patrick and Patrick to a few rounds at the Deluxx
9 year old Ada Donnelly interviews artist collective 'Faile' about their brand new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibition includes The FAILE & BÄST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, an interactive environment created in collaboration with Brooklyn artist Bäst that includes video games, pinball machines, and foosball tables that are simultaneously sculptures and functioning games. The installation is a nostalgic nod to video arcades and punk rock and graffiti culture.
FAILE may be a religious experience this summer at the Brooklyn Museum, but only one of the hallowed installations is called "Temple." The seedier, more dimly lit venue will surely have the larger number of congregants by far, bless their sacred hearts.
Five years into it, The Brooklyn Artists Ball has become a glittering spectacle that speaks to the traditional, the contemporary and the beat on the street.
Featuring paintings on wood, paper, and fabric, "Fuel, Fantasy, Freedom" matures before your very eyes, revealing that childish
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The ambitious fair has been regarded as the most important art event in Latin America, bringing together 137 galleries from 21 different countries from across Europe, North and South America.
The results? Abstractionist, cubist, geometric, letter-based, illustrative, figurative, text-based, outsider, folk, dadaist
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The show, billed as the "the largest exhibition of cat-inspired artwork for sale ever exhibited," explores the cat as lovable
The street duo extraordinaire had a big year in 2013, taking over the New York City Ballet with an installation that resembled
On the outskirts of North Braddock, there sits an abandoned 1900s Lutheran church. Braddock Tiles aims to build an artisan micro-factory inside the church's walls to manufacture 20,000 honeycomb-shaped tiles that will restore the church's arches with a cacophony of candy-colored inlays.
Faille's sensibility is playful and far-reaching and particularly suited for the marriage of "established" art to "outsider" art. Their use of a broad range of images, some ubiquitous and some original, pop images, pulp art images, juxtaposed serendipitously, place the viewer in a unique cognitive environment.