failed marriage

I am who I am today because of that divorce. I'm Strong, Intelligent, Loving, Caring, Thoughtful, Patient, Understanding and Compassionate...I know who Kim is. That's my happily ever after!
Think about something you're great at -- whether it's a hobby, passion or a job. Did you start out rocking it? Or did you make a few stumbles and hit a few rough patches before reaching stride? Think about what you learned from each mistake. Each downfail. Each god-awful yet lesson-rich failure.
4. Know that you may not get a happy ending. "I do know it takes two to tango, both in the falling apart of the relationship
By Vicki Larson for Divorce360 Of course, he only knows us as his parents; he has no idea about the people we were at 29
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Many divorced people can remember a moment when a little voice in their head told them loudly and emphatically, "This marriage is over!" It's a moment when a line is crossed and there is no looking back.
Most of us marry with the best of intentions. Sometimes that just doesn't work out. We shouldn't slap a #fail label on people who divorce. Let's have faith that they'll do things better the next time -- or maybe the time after that.
Two weeks after I moved out of my second husband's house, I learned that I had cancer. So now, when people tell me they're thinking of divorce, I tell them to get a full-body scan first.