The 40-year-old Mexican man was diagnosed with flu-like symptoms, liver failure and renal failure, officials said.
"Anyone that has ever met her knows what a bright light she was on this earth."
Brian S. Koll, MD Recently retired as Executive Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Control, Mount Sinai Health
There’s a new way to classify blood pressure readings, and the biggest change is for anyone who’s been described as “prehypertensive
And she still got trolled, prompting an angry response from the model.
All Andrew Blackshear did was breathe. Driving through California’s San Joaquin Valley on his way back from a summer break
African-Americans are more likely to develop, and die from, cardiovascular diseases.
Today is World Heart Day and it’s near and dear to my heart, no pun intended. You may know that my mom, Rita, has been living
It may be money, rather than access, that prevents some people from having a healthy diet.