"Lawn mower parenting" does more harm than good.
This post first appeared at It’s old news that Donald Trump abuses reason, knowledge, decency and dark-skinned
Unsuccessful products like Crystal Pepsi and Heinz "Green Sauce" fill the Museum of Failure in Helsingborg, Sweden. The museum's curator Samuel West said he wanted to pay homage to the business failures to encourage people to "learn from them."
Athletes who fail over and over, only to eventually succeed, are the ones who resonate the most in our hearts.
Louisa suggests three ways to develop genuine confidence at work: Get comfortable with failure - practice a growth mindset
The chasm between industry needs and our educational system has accelerated and our current educational model is quickly
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And lastly, my partner-in-crime -- my wife -- is an immense source of strength and support in everything I do. Entrepreneurship
'Disaster at the Yacht Club' could be a fitting title for my little tale. Except no boats collided. No children drowned. No members got salmonella poisoning from the yacht club kitchen. It was a quietly personal disaster that hardly anyone noticed. Except for me.