fair pay

The delivery app came under fire earlier this summer after a New York Times report shed light on delivery workers' hectic jobs.
Thirteen counties and cities will notice the difference immediately on January 1, reaching or exceeding $15 an hour.
The House is voting to roll it back this week.
This past Saturday, January 21st, millions of people marched at over 600 Women's Marches across our nation and world. The combined total of people who took to the streets in cities from Washington, D.C. to Seattle and all cities in between is historic.
2016 was a historic year for adoption of some critically important policies and practices that improve the quality of jobs
President Obama just announced a raise for up to four million middle-class Americans starting December 1st, 2016. Workers who have been exempted from receiving overtime pay and who earn as little as $455 a week are currently exempt from getting overtime for extra work.
Everyone pays attention. That's critically important to all women.
It's Mother's Day and this election has me thinking about mothers past, present, and future -- and what I will say to my future grandchildren if they ask me what happened to our democracy and to civility in 2016.
"We have to be willing to address implicit bias," the presidential candidate said.
Librarians. Clerical Workers. Janitors. More than 1,500 municipal workers decided that enough was enough, and dared to demand respect and justice. They decided they would strike.
Fair pay advocates in states across the country are carefully contemplating this effect as a strategy to close the wage gap. On January 29, we will mark the seventh anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
Waiters talk horror stories, drunk customers and whether there's a partisan generosity gap.