Fair Sentencing Act

The scorn and dehumanization of the crack epidemic has been replaced by empathy and rehabilitation.
Obama's reforms were small and intended to be built upon. Now, they are primed to be erased.
There are two bills pending in Congress that could change that: Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 (S. 2123) and
These bills would address this racial unfairness by allowing individuals with a modestly greater criminal history to qualify for safety valve relief.
As the prison population soared, conservatives chafed at the waste of human potential and increasing cost of the prison bureaucracy. They were frustrated that so little was being done to prepare inmates for their release, and they were appalled at the overcrowded conditions, violence and rape, and the lack of medical care, drug treatment and mental-health services. Conservatives joined with liberals in backing such important reforms as the Prison Rape Elimination Act, the Second Chance Act and the Fair Sentencing Act.
A month after his 21st birthday in 1998, Hernandez was arrested in Texas and charged as part of a drug conspiracy that dated
The end result of the bloated, grotesque drug war is that the U.S., with five percent of the planet's population, has nearly 25 percent of its inmates.
Last week I listened with great interest to a speech Attorney General Eric Holder presented in front of the American Bar Association.
WASHINGTON -- Just weeks before Attorney General Eric Holder decried "unduly harsh" mandatory minimum sentences for certain
We knew the verdict was coming; still, the reality of it was a punch in the gut for millions of Americans who hoped that George Zimmerman's killing the unarmed Trayvon Martin would end with conviction. What is to be done?