fairfax county animal shelter

Think of it as an awesome little vacation for shelter dogs -- and a great time for you as well!
Salah wasn't anywhere close to alone in her affections. Khaleesi, meantime, has found her home, too. No one needed to line
You can see why Sadler was so taken, and why Auerbach immediately said yes, in this video of the dogs romping around together
The shelter added some whimsical features to show off its animals' best faces, like cheerful Facebook photos for dogs, cats
Twenty-three canines from a dog meat farm outside of Seoul, South Korea, who spent most of their lives in cages, bred to
"He's made me proud of him every single day for the way he has adapted to life without the people he's known since he was
(Story continues below) The elves came courtesy of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, in northern Virginia, which is -- for
I'd heard about -- and desperately wanted to try -- programs that let visitors take shelter dogs out hiking. It was a beautiful fall day, perfect for going for a hike. So my friend and I -- and my dog Murray -- stopped by a local animal shelter to pick up a dog to join us.
Meantime, some folks have asked if, in Autrey's pursuit, she Photoshopped pictures of Ninja and Kim beyond their organic
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As yet, though, none of the rescue groups or shelters that Auerbach has reached out to has been able to meet FCAS's need
Here's one photo from that post that is especially squee-y, of a dog named Mocha: "Even people who tend to love all dogs
There's been another disturbing animal attack in Northern Virginia. Police are looking for help finding the person who stabbed