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Your favorite tales, like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, convinced you to care about weddings. Here's why Disney's "Frozen" can be our saving grace.
Think we put too much pressure on having the perfect wedding? Blame fairy tales.
"Mirrors are like Shakira's hips -- we don't lie," Mirror Mirror said. "It's nothing personal. Princesses become queens. Queens become old queens. 'Circle of life' and all that shit. Death is the only way to escape it."
Two of the three Little Pigs were convicted yesterday on charges of building code violations, reckless endangerment and bribery. The charges pertained to the homes rebuilt after the original dwellings were destroyed by the Wolf.
The Frog Kissing Princess stunned fans when she exposed one of the greatest love stories of all time as farce, "I went on that frog kissing binge seeking a psychedelic trip, not a prince," she confessed.
In the wake of criticism over crass, destructive and sometimes-violent behavior, the Big Bad Wolf embarked on a rebranding effort by retaining a public relations firm to revamp his image. The PR firm declined to disclose the amount of the retainer.
Dear Mom in the Waiting Room, I didn't see you at first. What I noticed as we walked in was a young, laughing girl spinning around with a stuffed animal at the end of her outstretched arms. She had that kind of pure laugh that made me smile just hearing it.
Months after the Beast was arrested on kidnapping charges, Beauty held a press conference and broke her self-imposed silence with a direct address to her family and friends, "Why didn't you douchebags rescue me?"
Once upon a time...That almost seems too good to be true, right? While many are out there searching for the top eight ways to find out if they are compatible with their significant other, some people are just trying to figure out where the term "Prince Charming" actually applies to any real-world relationship.
The video also shows the importance of working with incredible, dedicated assistants and creatives. That hair didn't do itself
But to me, there's something primal about a fairy tale -- its hypnotic storytelling teaches us things without us feeling
Photographer Sarah Elise Abramson's aesthetic is at the intersection of the poetic and unsettling, the creepy and beautiful, the subversive and classically Romantic.
"The Robber Bridegroom" A miller's daughter has a bad feeling about the man she's been pledged to, so she hides out in his
*All excerpts are taken from Phillip Pullman's translation. The moral, I guess, is to be satisfied with what you have. The
I know what you're thinking: a Disney wedding is like a Bar Mitzvah with tables named and decorated with well-known characters, but couples can also plan a non-character wedding with very elegant details and stylish touches.
To my mind, we need some more "good" fairy tales, in that we need the inspiration to work at the realities of our selves, and of course each other, and of course the larger world. The giving it up to God almost spoiled my enjoyment of the movie.