fairytale wedding

For those of us with a love for big, showy celebrations, weddings are a source of constant fascination. Weddings all over the world share a lot of traditions, but each country has details that set it apart. Here are some things you'll see at a U.K. wedding that you're unlikely to see in the U.S.
You'll fall in love with this whimsical wedding. 👑
"[In] the end, we decided our relationship was worth more," Gregory told People. "We realized that we didn't have to survive
But who cares that a "wedding industry" put those dreams a little girl's head? Once a woman has a dream, shouldn't she go for it on her wedding day?
The closer you get to your wedding day, the higher your stress level will be. Going shopping under these conditions leaves little time to hunt for deals, increasing the likelihood of impulse buys.
You know that moment in the movie where the nerd girl takes off her glasses and pulls down her ponytail and steps into a fitted, sparkly dress? She is transformed.