fake baby

The NYPD initially reported the doll was a 3-month-old child that had been pronounced dead at the scene of an undetermined cause.
"I couldn't believe that we were working with the plastic baby."
When Charlie interviews somebody, they're really important. Not only that, they're really, really real. So my sincere apologies go out to Mr. Eastwood, Mr. Cooper, the prop master at Warner Brothers Studios and anyone else I may have offended.
At $200 Million and counting, American Sniper has touched a nerve and set off a national debate on who is real and who is fake. After being maligned by journalists, morning anchors, and bloggers, the Fake Baby from American Sniper is telling his side of the story. And yes, he did it in one take.
Snooki immediately decided the fake baby that arrived was "boring," but she did play along in the nurturing exercise. She