fake news

Media experts share the red flags of cheap fakes, deepfakes and misattributed clips.
If you believed a tweet that claimed J.Lo was going to sing Whitney Houston songs during a tribute to the late singer, don’t worry, you’re not alone.
He handed over his weapons and was taken to a local hospital for observation, police said.
"It could easily have been real," the Texas Republican finally admitted to journalists who pointed out he'd been suckered.
A recent study shows that 41% of adolescents couldn't identify fake health messages. Here's how to teach them to be more media savvy.
"Dammit. It better not be fake. It might be fake," the popular podcaster blurted in an awkward moment that's gone viral.
These are tactics Moscow has used for years and refined with the advent of social media in places like Syria.
A Trump Christmas card that looks extra phallic is trending on Twitter. Of course, many people are asking if it’s real.
The CNN host said the network had a window of opportunity to come back to reality but took the opposite route instead.
The mogul's right-wing media empire is being called out after some high-profile "fake news" incidents.