fake news

The president is suggesting that Elliott Management -- led by GOP megadonor Paul Singer -- violate press freedom at CNN.
CNN’s Chris Cuomo went after a Trump 2020 spokesperson who said President Donald Trump doesn’t lie.
The app was used to spread misinformation that helped elect far-right authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro. It still serves as a platform for radicalization.
Conspiracy theorists have capitalized on YouTube’s change to its algorithm by using it to rally their bases for grassroots promotion.
The newspaper’s board criticized the president for kissing off concerns about Russian interference in elections at the G-20 summit.
Republicans are nearly three times more likely than Democrats to say journalists create a lot of fake news.
The "John Wick Chapter 3" actor's quotes are "fabricated" and "pieced together from several interviews," a rep told HuffPost.
Gates dismissed Pratchett's prediction in a newly resurfaced chat between the pair.
When Trump first "called us ‘fake news’ it was, in his mind, an act," CNN's White House reporter says in his new book.
The social media giant says it wants to combat fake news. It also says fake news is OK to post on its platform.
120 million monthly active users on the platform aren't real people, the company said in a report Thursday.
The set of laws cracks down on "fake news" and any content that criticizes Russian authorities.
CNN host shuts down former GOP presidential candidate's "fake news" cries.
Kellyanne Conway's husband fired back at Trump's attack on the "fake news" media.
President Donald Trump and other administration officials, as per usual, called the network "fake news."
“I hope everyone, even the Fake News Media, is having a great Christmas!” the president tweeted.
A conversation with Michele Anderson and Jake Krohn, the two rural Americans who figured out that Der Spiegel journalist Claas Relotius was a fraud.
In a Stanford study, fact checkers were the best at spotting propaganda and fake news.