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Another great day on Twitter for the contentious New York Times opinion writer.
In this new world where we all give as well as receive soundbites, a noteworthy name packs more power than ever before.
On the other end of the spectrum, another founder didn't envision Twitter as an expression of status; on the contrary, he believed Twitter was born to share what was going on in the world, the news, local, national and international. This real-time attitude has co-opted journalism to a point of a coup.
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It's easy to get caught up with Twitter and the avalanche of information that gets reported on the day of the MLB trade deadline
In today's "big data" world, businesses are increasingly basing corporate and marketing decisions on the information obtained through social and behavioral data. However, should this data be outdated, inauthentic or fraudulent, serious and detrimental results can occur.
There's a dark secret amongst social media pros, and you're not going to like this. The purchase and use of fake followers by small to mid-sized social media agencies is rising as a "black hat" tactic on Twitter.
For instance, those who mistakenly tweet to @UnitedAirlanes instead of United's official twitter account, @United, fail to
The account seems legitimate at first glance, but it is actually an old parody Twitter account for the cardinal, as Mashable
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"Dating is a zero-sum dating. If you get a man, I don't get that man," Parks Department employee Donna Meagle once told Ann
"Because it is so rhythmic and because Sorkin manipulates rhythm so well, it makes his prose enjoyable to spoof," Fahy told
Don't be fooled; that wasn't really your college's president tweeting that he was "sexiled" or that he planned to "mic check
College presidents who make their forays into social media can serve to further personalize their institutions through online engagement and foster connection with a vast digital audience interested in the workings of an educational institution.
After raising membership prices earlier this year and being met with some resistance, Netflix announced this week that it
I couldn't help but think of that great line from The Breakfast Club when I read that Big Oil has resorted to creating fake Twitter accounts in order to fabricate an illusion of 'grassroots' support for the controversial Keystone pipeline project.
"I don't know who is behind mine and truly don't care. It's amazing to me that someone has the free time to dedicate to this
The account is a few hours old and has only 430 followers, but ABC's Jake Tapper has already retweeted one of @ObamasAutopen's