faking orgasms

Elijah Batchelor explains to HuffPost Live how he's faked orgasms and why he does it.
But men are faking much more than just orgasms. The Aussie survey found that men were also more likely than women to fake
What's more, of 1,080 men polled, divorcés were 67 percent more likely to admit to faking an orgasm than men who have never
Still, his observations do raise an interesting question: If this book ends up resonating with large numbers of men, if more
The results also showed that each city has a somewhat distinct sexual character. Some of the survey's results seemed to confirm
Did you hear the story of the sex columnist who never had an orgasm?
“Ohhh. Mmmm. Baaaaaaby!” are the noises we often associate with women getting it on. But do these noises actually come, heh