Falcon 9

SpaceX's successful maiden flight of its Falcon Heavy rocket puts humans one step closer to Mars.
Twitterverse explodes as SpaceX Falcon 9 puts on a gobsmacking light show.
It's cool because with reusable rockets, space flight could get cheaper.
Let's face it: spaceflight is inherently risky, and getting into orbit is one of the most dangerous phases of any mission
It's too early to tell but if Bezos and Musk can prove themselves to be the great creators of our generation, these undeniably demanding work environments will be validated as its own innovation, one independent of the ingenuity that gave us online shopping, electric cars and rockets to outer space.
UPDATE, Feb. 28: SpaceX aborted the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket for a third time on Sunday night. The space technologies
Even though we may wish to regulate genetic and cyborg technology on Earth, we should surely wish space pioneers good luck in using all available resources to adapt themselves and their progeny to alien conditions.
Sunday morning I'm huddled with the space nerd media corps in the fog at Vandenberg AFB. Picture us all squinting into the