fall books

From life changing new ways of eating, to learning to let go of the things that hold us back, these titles are sure to both inspire and ignite your heart and soul to begin making real and doable lifestyle changes, keeping you living longer and healthier.
Marital tumult, female friendships and unconventional memoirs make up this fall's biggest new books.
'Tis the season for leggings, lattes and Lucky Jim.
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In Flašar's deeply original short novel, two melancholy outcasts find solace in each other, conspiring to transcend their
Thrillers and memoirs and stories, oh my!
Originally posted on Kirkus. The fall is publishing’s moment to roll out the year’s big hits (or at least the books publishers
While some people hail fall for the return of their favorite TV shows, and others look forward to the kickoff of football season or the first pages of the September issue, for me, fall is the best time of year to be a reader.