Fall Cocktails

3 cups Casamigos Blanco Tequila 4 cups apple cider 2 cups cranberry juice 1 cup grapefruit juice Cranberries garnish As you
It's ELECTION DAY! There's so much going on in the media today that you might feel a little stressed. So I though why not
Building off of a warming cognac base, the recipe takes the concept one step further, incorporating not only holiday season
You don't go from eating watermelon one day to butternut squash soup the next. With that in mind, here are four ideas for cocktails that have flavors that evoke autumn, but are still refreshing enough to sip on a warm Indian summer day.
Something about October whispers of comforting plaids and homey parties.
Using apple brandy in cocktails is easy as it is delicious.
An Old-Fashioned should be strong, simple and whiskey forward.
We hope you've got your menu of Thanksgiving dishes finalized, but have you considered what you'll be drinking?
Forget the neon green appletinis.
Not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Let these 17 clever folks inspire you with their creative costume ideas.
Host your own personal sherry fest in the comfort of your home by mixing up one of these sherry-based cocktails.
It's that time of year again to put whiskey back in its rightful place: your hand.
People salivate on line at Starbucks eagerly awaiting their pumpkin spice lattes and delight in slipping on lightweight jackets to compliment the blushing foliage. Why too shouldn't lifting the year's first glass of Apple Brandy be part of the tradition?
Although we never like to say goodbye to summer, we are starting to get pretty excited about fall -- fall cocktails, we mean
The Indian Summer cocktail at Sra. Martinez is good company whether it's a true fall day or just a humid excuse for one.
With all the traveling I've been doing, I've fallen behind on recording my cultural happenings for this blog. What follows are snapshots of my cultural experiences from the past month.
The rebirth of punch is one of the great modern mixological miracles. For decades, the concoction was sadly relegated to fraternity parties.
From apples and pears to pomegranate and even pumpkin, here are some of our favorite fall ingredients and an array of recipes featuring each one. Enjoy!