"Two and a Half Men" is adding a gay character: Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter.
While Nielsen ratings can certainly give a general overview of a show's popularity throughout the year (despite the fact
"Supernatural" has always pulled off its midseason finales with great aplomb, and I'm pleased to report that "Citizen Fang" showed no sign of breaking that streak -- packing half a season's worth of tension, betrayal and angst into a 42-minute slice of character development.
"I wasn't in the Thanksgiving show. That was a bad sign. I was told that they wanted Dr. Shulman to be more of an authoritarian
I was on set for Episode 12, which involves the Winchesters' paternal grandfather, Henry [Gil McKinney]. What can you reveal
The show -- which is currently in its sixth season -- racked in 17.6 million viewers on November 15, making it the series
Fox's "Touch" has a new season premiere date, with the show's sophomore season beginning with a two-hour special on Fri., Feb
"This is a guy who desperately needs healing and he's with a girl who has never had to be responsible for someone else," Lauria
It appears that I spoke too soon when dubbing "Portrait of a Lady Alexander" the ickiest episode of "Gossip Girl" to date -- that was before we'd witnessed Ivy trying to screw her way through every father on the Upper East Side.
This week's episode of "Revenge", aptly titled "Lineage," flashes back to the year 2006, showing our cast of avengers to be a little healthier and younger but with the same ol' problems.
"Hart Of Dixie" airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. "Hart Of Dixie" isn't the only show Maroney has her eye on, however
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we're looking ahead to some returning primetime favorites and also, saying farewell to
After the decidedly filler-y "Child of the Moon," it was good to see "Once Upon a Time" getting back to the meat of the mythology with the action-packed "Into the Deep."
"Glee" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Ryder and Jake spent most of the hour locked in a bitter battle for Marley's affections
"Extreme Cougar Wives" airs Sunday, November 25 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. The show follows three couples as they navigate their
When asked about Hook's chemistry with Emma, Jennifer Morrison admitted that the pair are somewhat "kindred spirits," even
It was a rough night for coach Britney Spears; after she lost Arin, the other three judges chose to eliminate Beatrice too
If you’ve seen the promo for the Nov. 27 episode of FX’s "Sons of Anarchy," ”Darthy,” you know Damon Pope expects Jax to
Mindy is feeling insecure. Not only does her pseudo-boyfriend Josh tell her he's not ready for exclusivity, but she's spending Thanksgiving with her overly perfect BFF Gwen and her husband who looks like Mitt Romney.
"Vile" was the perfect catch-up for any viewer who has suffered a blunt force head trauma over the past six years and forgotten everything that's happened up until this point; the characters were all doing their best to remind us about things that happened as recently as last week.