April stands up for herself on her wedding day, "hunting" down her bridesmaids in her curlers, getting them tailored, shutting them up before curtain call. Owen tells her that everyone likes her, her dress is gorgeous, everything's going as planned and then Jackson has to stand up and tell her he loves her, right smack in the middle of it.
I'm looking forward to April's wedding and I'm very concerned about Christina and Meredith: they're recruited as April's"people," hopefully they remember they were each other's person before mid-season break. The tension is too much for me!
"How I Met Your Mother" pulled some of its old favorite tropes out of the closet for last night's episode, which did not end in a laser tag rehearsal dinner.
The episode begins with the newly-resurrected Bonnie sending a video message to her mother. It's been a little strange that she hasn't spoken with her in months, but she's been on her extended "European vacation."
The problem with Hail Mary passes is sometimes you complete and score a touchdown and other times the ball lands yards away from the receiver. Bringing all the characters together for what felt like a big Thanksgiving episode and then making Penny married on top of all was a big attempt -- and it didn't reach the end zone.
"Mom and Dad" made very little sense, even by final season "HIMYM" standards. But, since I decided to "just go with it" after complaining for the majority of these recaps, I'm going try to find the good this week.
Big stuff happened this week in Mystic Falls. Big. Stuff. The episode began with possibly the best opening on record for "The Vampire Diaries." Silas is chilling at a bus stop in Philly with a couple when he begins opening up about his many problems. He told them about the Amara/Qetsiyah love triangle and how Qetsiyah turned Amara into stone "Medusa-style," but since they're both immortal they've just been waiting 2,000 years to meet up again. You know, normal stuff.
This show is always the best when the operating room is more of a backdrop for the drama and I present tonight's episode as exhibit A. Apologies for the legalese, but after an hour in that courtroom, I can't help it.
For a show of this age and this magnitude to be this creative and this clever in its seventh season is a remarkable feat. "The Big Bang Theory" is typically far from subtle, and does on occasion wring out its characters for all their worthy, "The Itchy Brain Simulation" proved that it can mine as much humor from inverting its characters as it does in playing them straight.
While every episode of Law and Order: SVU is pretty emotionally draining, this week cuts out all the bells and whistles -- no faux American Idol judges or fun cameos -- leaving only the raw story that unfortunately reaches beyond the realm of television.
While "The Lighthouse" gave the plot a giant leap forward, this week's "Platonish" takes us six months back in time, before Robin and Ted were engaged. We're at MacLaren's. We're in the gang's apartment. Everyone's got a fresh set of clothes. It feels a little bit like old times, but we're in for a few major twists.
Big reveal this week on The Vampire Diaries: They found the anchor, and in one episode, no less. If only the search for the cure had been so speedy.
If the fork is the future, I see it lodged somewhere in Christina's body, perhaps right through her head. Things are still bad between her and Meredith and after tonight reconciliation is going to be a long time coming.
The Professor Proton plot that follows concerns the aging scientist asking Leonard for help with a research paper and Sheldon
Now that ABC ordered a full season of "Trophy Wife," you can expect to see more of this guy. We chatted with Tsai about his
It's getting better, folks. After last week's dismal episode, "The Lighthouse" was a welcome step toward ending the series on a high note.
However, since ghost Bonnie is still around and talking to Jeremy, this is definitely not the last of actress Kat Graham
It's Halloween at Grey-Sloan and there are zombies, maggots, little girls getting almost scared to death and the ghost of Heather Brooks to make this episode feel, in April's words, completely random, and not at all supernatural.
The touching moments that made "HIMYM" so strong are seriously lacking in this last season. Perhaps we need the "Mother's" touch, or just for the gang to all get back together. But maybe, we just need to tie up these loose end plot lines.