false eyelashes

Amazing. We're going to file these beauts in the why-didn't-I-think-of-that folder, right next to Spanx. Imagine if you could
WORST: Ally Brooke BEST: Kristen Stewart WORST: Thora Birch Belle's sophisticated updo and fresh-faced makeup are absolutely
Naturally, it is a desire of many women to have big, youthful looking eyes. Unfortunately, nature does not always cooperate and we are not all left with our ideal eye size and shape. The good news is that it doesn't matter whether you have small set eyes or you just want to make them pop.
Also in the video, Oprah talks about the idea she had to use pop-ups on the last season of her show. Back in 1998, VH1's
For the month of May, HuffPost Style is turning the camera's focus on fabulous moms and moms-to-be in our Beauty Street Style
"I usually wake up in whatever crusted-over product I had on the night before, wash and marinate my face in the aforementioned
To get her flawless complexion, Rivera uses Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation. "It's amazing! It's cheap, but really good," she
One sunny August afternoon, my younger son and I walked to the post office and mailed out 200 bar mitzvah invitations. We had spent that morning sitting in the dining room, licking envelopes and placing royal blue and red stamps that resembled the Giants logo onto the upper right corners of heavy, cream-colored envelopes.
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As a beauty editor, one of the feats I'm most proud of accomplishing is applying fake eyelashes. You're probably thinking
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Today I will be recreating a Katy Perry make up. I have actually decided to dedicate the month of May to this totally gorgeous lady as she is always fun and fearless with her make up which I believe are the two fundamental things to always be!
Every once in a while I may give my eyelashes a boost with a few strategically placed falsies, but adorning my lids in deer
Have you been wanting those voluminous lashes you see in the magazines? Long, dark lashes are blinking out from all the beauty