Unlike the typical student, however, our childhood years were spent dealing with economic struggles, feelings of not belonging, teenage pregnancy, and run-ins with the police. My four siblings and I had to overcome these hardships to graduate. For each of us, our high school graduation day was a moment of triumph for our family, because the odds were against us from the very beginning.
Así como les sucede a muchas mamás, es natural que en algún momento el papá sienta la necesidad de salir de la casa a generar ingresos. Quedarse en casa de por sí es un gran compromiso de parte de los papás.
Arroyo often calls out what she feel is a lack of separation of church and state on the island which negatively impacts LGBTQ people and their families, stopping them from being able to to live their lives fully. Still, she believes she will be able to see much needed reforms on the island.
La Primera Dama y Mario Lopez a ritmo de salsa
The Italian approach to life has been well-chronicled in bestsellers such as Eat, Pray, Love and Under the Tuscan Sun, but we shouldn't overlook the valuable lessons the Italian approach to food can teach our children.
Sadly, many people have a preconceived idea that kids are abandoned because something is wrong with them. A common response to meeting children in foster care is, "They are so sweet! How could anyone abandon them?'
Entrevista - The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Eugenio Derbez anuncia que este verano regresa a la TV La Familia P.Luche