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Chicago is about to dive into the magical world of Cirque Italia, the first ever Italian water circus, when it returns to
You don't have to be that person to find ways to get into the season and have fun with your family. In fact, it's always the simplest of items on our list (e.g., play in the rain) that lead to the most creative and fun activities (as opposed to the "bungee jumping" my son insists I add to almost every list). So without further adieu, here are ten easy ways to connect with your family this spring.
I also firmly believe that over-planning causes stress -- for both parents and kids. There is value in having unstructured
January is a great time to set goals, but February through December is when acting on them really counts. This year, I'd like to challenge you to consider some steps towards the goal of improving the lives of our children.
Let's be honest, Disney World is pretty insane. Where else is it socially acceptable -- encouraged, even -- for a fully grown adult to wear animal ears and eat their weight in junk food shaped like a cartoon character? But, even with supreme excellence comes room for improvement.
With schools back in session and cooler temperatures moving in, here are a few simple fall child-centered activities that require active listening and help you take time to be present with your child.
I met Anne Armstrong through an online business course we both took, and her My Gnome on the Roam project really spoke to me. At the time, I was looking for ways to better balance my new career path with my kids' growing needs to connect and have my attention, so that I wouldn't feel that exhausting "guilty" feeling of missing out and not doing "enough."
To save your summer and your sanity, I've rounded up a few free (or almost free) activities that you can do with your children over the next few months.
Anyone can Google top tourist attractions, but we really wanted to uncover true city gems. Where's the best place to grab a burger? A great park to let the kids run wild? The roof top terrace that has the best view of the city?