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Do your kids spend more time Photoshopping your pet than actually petting it? Do you have to remind them to maintain eye contact when visiting grandparents? Are they lost in their phones as we "speak"?
It had become such a mindless, automatic habit to constantly check in online wherever I was, so automatic that I often didn't realize I was glancing at my screen. But what felt like freedom back in the U.S. -- the freedom to get online wherever I might be -- had actually become a burden.
The Benefits Of Screen-Free Week Video Courtesy of Random House
With information, guidance and support, we can help our children develop habits of balanced screen use so they can benefit from them, without being swallowed into the black hole that these devices can become.
This summer, before embarking on a weeklong vacation to Maine, I gave my children an order: "If you see me doing anything on my iPhone besides taking pictures, take it away from me."
If the kids can unplug, why can't we? Here are some tried and tested tips from recovering camp moms. You will get through it.
By the time my daughter is 18 she will have sent more than half a million texts. As a parent and a digital immigrant, I find this technology use daunting. Parents, we are conducting an experiment on our own kids in real time -- and we still have no idea what the effect will be.