Family business

An interview with the "How's Work?" podcast host and popular therapist.
Based on the premise that family business base their activities around deeply embedded historical culture and values, it
Integrate Depending on the size of the business, the policies and procedures that have been implemented for years should
Did you know that 48% of entrepreneurs grew up in a family business? While a little more than half of all entrepreneurs come
When you and your spouse face challenging situations, how do you feel? Does it seem like difficulties are going to tear you apart, or do they invigorate you and deepen your partnership? Does your spouse feel the same way?
The MJF Charitable Foundation was a natural extension to this, allowing us to widen the benefit to the community and the
The days when these hurdles seem too high to overcome, I look at my children and remind myself that I'm doing it for them.
The demands of taking care of a family and building a business can seem overwhelming. But even under the most challenging circumstances, focusing on how our families make us better entrepreneurs can help put things back into positive perspective.
"&Son" was the best kind of author reading, one set in the same place as the book so it seems to come to life all around you. As I started the book that night, I realized that this was the first of many meta moments, all of which added up to a great story.