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This IVFML episode follows one family's IVF journey while they navigate the transition process at the same time.
This week I talked with author Eric Rosswood about his new book The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads: Everything You Need to Know
Several states allow adoption agencies to bar queer prospective parents. That must change.
A new web series finds humanity and humor in the foster care system.
Today is the annual Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day, organized by Mombian, GLAAD, Family Equality Council and HRC with support
A friend of mine said that aging out of foster care was “the death of a dream” that had occupied her thoughts since she found
The Family Equality Council's annual Night at the Pier raised over $1 million.
"Telling our stories as families helped other people see us as something other than that party-boy stereotype."
Heterosexual marriages do not automatically lead to happy households and well-balanced children. Parents are parents -- and all can make bad decisions, learn as they go, or not be perfect. It doesn't matter if they are gay, straight, single or otherwise. But to deny protections to parents already raising children isn't right, and the only purpose it serves is to hurt those children.
Many parents thought the song should be an anthem in every elementary school in the country. But others refused to let their child sing on the song, or even sing on the recording, if we were going to include this song.
For anyone under 30, it may be difficult to imagine a time when the gay-rights movement wasn't operating at a milestone-a-minute pace. Fortunately a wave of artistic and media projects has emerged to remind us of heroes past, to refocus us on the type of activism that helped elevate the LGBT movement and to inspire us to make that final push.
It's taken more than three decades for families like mine to be recognized. Thirty years ago, I was at an age where I was pretty certain that I was gay, but at the time, I never could have predicted that I would one day be among 3 million parents in our country who are LGBT.
Typically, part of the experience of being "in the closet" for any length of time is a fear of losing or becoming estranged from family. But it can also involve a fear of not having a family of one's own in the future too. This was one of my biggest concerns growing up gay.
This beautiful photo series comes to HuffPost Gay Voices courtesy of the Family Equality Council (FEC) and COLAGE in honor