family pets

"I would love to meet Orchid after dinner," Candy said. "You're right," I replied excitedly. "I have 'our prescription' for
Dear Max, You were a really awesome buddy. It is with my heavy heart that I wish you better days, big fields and flowers. I hope you are in a better place.
Quigley was the best dog we ever had. You don't realize how much a pet fills your life until you experience the hollow place they leave when they're gone. Now I yearn for the wonderful, little things about him.
My husband and I came by our predilections for working twelve hours a day honestly. We're Baby Boomers and must feel some vestigial responsibility to atone for our generation's earlier excesses with sex, drugs and rock and roll. Given our work schedules, it was a no-brainer that our two sons would be the only mammals invited to live with us.
Kids grow up and leave you. Pets stick around to destroy your carpet and furniture, forever.
Your "mistake" isn't getting a dog. It's "giving" a dog to a 10-year-old -- and expecting him to shoulder most of the burden.
This year, we're doing something different. No forcing ourselves to muster platitudes when we really don't feel like it. No mumbling half-hearted blanket statements. No, this year, we're acknowledging head-on all that drives us crazy every day.
Saying goodbye to Sophie was one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life. I guess I'm fortunate to be able to even say that, but it's true.
I'm not about to bring another free loader with bodily fluids into my house. I've occasionally considered a goldfish and deemed them too much hassle less than 24 hours later. We are gloriously pet-free and I refuse to feel bad about that.
While some people think it's gross to sleep with your pet, others cherish it and some studies show it's great for one's health - both emotionally and physically. We look at why some people sleep with their pets.
What would happen if 16 chickens tried to cross the road? The photos would be really, really cute. She began asking me to
We've had a pet -- seriously, really, a live one -- for over three weeks now. And she's still a live one. The house plant comparison is so not true, and OMG there are so many bacon jokes out there.
I am still not used to people saying "your pig is cute" or "thanks for letting us pet your pig." It just doesn't roll off the tongue and land into the ears the same way sweet phrases about puppies and kittens do.
Miss Ella, I hand you the keys to your own heart. Unlock all that is uniquely you and hold it dear. And for this puppy, his only job, is to help you see the wealth that has been within you, bursting to shine out, all along.