Family reunification

Bringing your parents to live in America is a "beautiful" thing, says Michael Wildes.
The government is rushing to meet next week's deadline to reunite more than 2,500 children it took from their parents at the border.
Immigration experts say there is no system in place to bring separated families back together.
“Goodlatte is making his message loud and clear by feeding into Donald Trump’s desire to make American white again,” said Rep. Judy Chu.
On Monday May 9, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the long awaited policy to allow eligible Filipino WWII veterans to be reunited with their families through a parole process.
The media spotlight has all but moved on from the recently white-hot humanitarian crisis on the Southern U.S. border involving upwards of 60,000 child refugees from Central America. Sadly, the region has faded from the headlines, but the conditions on the ground that force families from their homes persist.
Mangok recently departed for South Sudan knowing that he may be risking his life, which has narrowed to this search. "The burden of freedom," Mangok said, "is that you can't endure someone else not having it."
“Family reunification is a priority, we need to keep families together,” Senator Blumenthal said. The exorbitant costs of
When Meeran came to the U.S. with her family, her older sister was left behind in Pakistan because she turned 22 before her visa was approved. Their petition was filed in 1986. She turns 40 this year.
On Tuesday, the Latino Policy Coalition urged Obama to issue an executive order requiring the federal agency that oversees