Family Reunion

A DNA test united the mother and daughter after nearly 80 years.
Can Klobuchar and Blunt for one time, just for one time inform themselves about international adoption as it plays out in the real world and not on the happy stage as it is set up and decorated by saviors, believers, deceivers, legal and illegal business people.
I don't think we are able to abolish international adoption at this moment completely, but we have to be honest about the goals of social interventions in other countries.
Just today, I had a friend email me (and cc'd another friend of hers) and said that the two of us should meet each other
Multi-Directional Migrations The La Brascas landed in Cefalu and migrated again to the hills above Palermo where they became
When confronted with family, resist the temptation to drink alcohol in order calm your nerves. On the contrary, too much alcohol will reduce your inhibitions and allow you to say and do something you may be sorry for.
Thanksgiving is hands down one of my favorite holidays of the year, quite honestly because of the food, but also because... never mind, it's because of the food. For those brave enough to invite your entire family to be in the same house together for an entire day, I'd like to offer some advice.
"Haley, get up here, now!" I said peering under the tablecloth. Back in the Bay area, after our trip to the zoo, my little
After being separated for decades, hundreds of South Koreans are crossing the border to the North this week to see their long-lost loved ones.
I'm not saying that family reunions are something new but they are transforming into something huge that families across America are getting in on. Mega reunions.
Here's my deepest concern about the Global Family Reunion: Has the marketing of it been so successful that we're in danger of changing the definition of genealogy? The interest in famous cousins has always been there, but has its prominence in the GFR's PR campaign been such that many will think that's the whole point?
I used to dream of being on Oprah, where she would help me find my birth mother and father. I never wrote her a letter or anything, but I imagined it.
I remember when it started. A year and a half ago my husband walked into my office and said, 'Guess what? My brother just e-mailed me and he thought it would be a great idea if we had another family reunion. What do you think? They're looking at some place in California.'
After more than seven decades apart, two brothers have reunited. According to USA Today, last month Frank and John Holland saw each other for the first time in nearly seventy years, but their story really begins almost eighty years ago.
With grandparents staying active and healthy longer, many families are trying to figure out how to have stress-free three-generation gatherings.