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The actress also spoke about her experience growing up in a family that didn't really discuss mental health.
Marriage therapists are not big fans of Carrie and Big.
Because you deserve to get the best support possible.
We asked therapists whether the "Big Little Lies" scenario ever happens in real life.
Experts say these questions can pave the way for a strong, successful marriage.
I had people meeting me in the front seats of their cars. One college student met me in the stair well of his dorm. And one
When you are tired most the time and covered in baby food, getting naked and having sex is the last thing on your mind. It
Boundaries are crucial. If you don't teach your children boundaries by showing them that they exist, they won't know how to set their own boundaries when they grow up.
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Our kids closely observe the grown ups in their lives, feel the spoken and unspoken distress, and try to help.These little magical-thinkers seem to believe in their power to effect change; in my experience, they take their responsibilities seriously. Of course, lacking qualifications, their efforts usually backfire. But recognizing their cry for help is often a useful beginning.
talk to my clients about parenting all the time. Still, I'm just as much in need of a daily reminder that we must always be learning and implementing healthy parenting skills -- every day of our lives.
Fans love New York, and now she’s coming back to VH1 for a brand new series that explores her relationship with her mother
To be sure, some siblings never get over their childhood dramas -- a situation that causes pain for the parents. But many do
As men are now being called upon to spend more time and participate in the direct care of their kids, they often find themselves emotionally overwhelmed trying to balance work, relationship and family demands.
Reality television shows often portray dramatic and provocative "interventions" that claim to result in radical change. Unfortunately, these types of approaches rarely work and can serve to alienate and shame the individual, often leaving him or her with lower self-esteem, self-hatred and hopelessness.
If you can start seeing your place in the emotional workings of your family, then inch by inch you'll gain the space to start making thoughtful choices that are about you rather than just reacting. And who knows, you might even look forward to next year.
I can't talk about the growth of Open Path without addressing one huge change that's taken place in the health care world
It's important to look at the big picture in your divorce and focus on what is in the best interests of your children. When you get along as co-parents, your children will likely be happier given the difficult circumstances that they are already facing with the divorce.