family time

In the still moments of life I am reminded just how much my children mean to me.
Do you have a tradition for welcoming the New Year? Do you map out a plan for the upcoming year? Or is your focus primarily
We may not get to pick who we're blood related to, but we do get to pick who we are, who we surround ourselves with, and how we treat others, and we have to remind ourselves that no one can take that away from us.
Our stories are about the preservation of family. Maybe your family arrived in America in the early 19th Century, and they
Now, if you have lots of young people in the family, vacations are easy to go on. The children readily agree, even if it's a trip to the backyard. They are young and impressionable. However, they won't be kids forever.
I'm confident that once you start a family activity like this, it will become a tradition as it has for me and my family. Enjoy! Please leave your comments below and share with us some ways that you create lasting and meaningful memories with your family.
Yeah, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true.
Before you had kids, a trip to the movies was a no-brainer. You liked the actor or the movie poster was cool, so you went. Simple. But if you have little kids, you have to put a bit more thought into a visit to the multiplex, especially the first time you go. I
I take photos of my children, and in moments when they seem to feel less than special, I pull them out and we retell the stories within them. I use them as a tool to help them remember the details of those moments.
My parents taught me to be grateful, graceful, and obedient. At times I wasn't one or two of them. Okay... at times I wasn't all three of them. Over time, these values became easier to abide by and I'm grateful for the lessons.
Moms come in every shape and size and are scattered throughout the world. We are gifted this coveted role in different ways -- yet our celebrations and hardships are often the same. We spend our days doing the work of motherhood and then grab onto a few special moments begging time to just stand still.
Moms know when you're lying or faking a cold to stay home from school. I always thought there was a Female Intuition Training School (FITS) where they studied, and that Mom graduated with honors. Plus she had her Masters in serving up the guilt.
Most of the time we don't think about time. It passes unnoticed. Time becomes important only when something needs to get done, or undone. A deadline, an appointment.
It's the New Year and TIME still proves to not be my friend, but I'm working on our relationship. No, seriously I am! I made it through the chaos and overall exhaustion of the holiday season. I said I wasn't going to make it complicated.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Comedy Central Your kids may refuse to sit through a local news broadcast (who cares about
This article first appeared on On weekdays, my son Felix hits the wall at five o’clock. It’s cocktail hour, when
January is a great time to set goals, but February through December is when acting on them really counts. This year, I'd like to challenge you to consider some steps towards the goal of improving the lives of our children.
At Kenya's Lewa Safari Camp, families can customize the experience, say, with earlier mealtimes. Before each morning's game