Family traditions

As immigrants without extended family nearby, we had to consider how we wanted to include ourselves in our neighboring community.
Find out where your family is from without breaking the bank.
If you've ever wondered about where your family is from, you won't have to splurge to find out.
Sema Bal reads fortunes using Turkish coffee grounds to guide and heal her clients, while keeping family traditions alive in Queens, New York.
Sema Bal first started seeing things that no one else could see when she was a child. Now, she reads Turkish coffee grinds, to guide and heal her clients while keeping family traditions alive.
Gratitude is a unique character strength to teach to your kids.
This October I am entering my tenth decade. As all these grand-babies are entering our world, I will be exiting it. I will most likely not know them in their teens. Even if I make it to 100, they will be only 10 years old.
One of the best parts of Thanksgiving for me is re-watching some of the classic holiday blunders that have been depicted on television. Whether dealing with the drama of in-laws or botching a traditional family recipe, these are some of my absolute favorite outrageous Thanksgiving blunders on TV.
With her husband overseas serving in the military, Gilbert endeavors to educate and instill an appreciation for fresh, locally produced food with her three young boys.
In the midst of all the holiday chaos, many Americans still set aside an evening to load the family into the car and drive around to see the neighborhood holiday decorations.
No self-respecting Jew comes to the holiday table empty handed of family accomplishments, their very own ailments or a sense of humor. They are mandatory side dishes.
You're not going to change your family in the course of the weekend. Consider this a confined amount of time to spend with the people you conceivably love.