The president's "America first" budget would slash funding while millions are at risk of starving.
Top government officials are profiting as the nation spirals deeper into a manmade crisis.
Some 400,000 malnourished children need urgent care.
"I have never heard such fear and desperation. This is a new terrible.”
The WFP further warns that another 7.1 million people are ready to fall into the emergency level of hunger if the situation
This article originally appeared on ResearchGate News. RG: Does globalization play a role in preventing the outbreak of famines
The pace of technological advancement has been truly breathtaking. We are now in the vertical portion of the exponential
In some countries today he might be deported or executed. In one prominent East African country, foreign aid experts have
But let's face it, not much meat on those -- not enough at least for the residents of an entire city. Neither lions nor tigers