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It's an exciting moment for women filmmakers. After decades struggling for recognition, there's acute awareness of inequity and invisibility. But while enjoining corporate entertainment to include us, we continue to express our own voices and visions on our own.
"Wolverine" star Famke Janssen claims she was the target of a creepy break-in, which reportedly involved a prowler leaving a single copy of the children's book "The Lonely Doll" in her bedroom. Youyoung Lee and Ellie Krupnick join Mike to discuss.
Police are currently investigating it as a burglary. Janssen contacted police this weekend to file a report after she returned
Set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand (and long after the story in the sorry X-Men Origins: Wolverine), The Wolverine finds Logan living in the woods somewhere in the American northwest.
He's back: After four years of hibernation, The Wolverine returns to the multiplex with his very own standalone film, "The
Watch the "Wolverine" Vine teaser below. "The Wolverine" is out in theaters on July 26. Potential "Wolverine" spoilers ahead
When I first heard about Hansel & Gretel I was intrigued. It's a fairy tale story that has been done many times before, but
It's a childhood classic, seen in a whole new light. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton are the titular brother and sister team in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. All-in-all, a fun idea, but unfortunately, execution does not rise up to what's on the page.
Josh Brolin, as he took the stage to introduce best actor Bradley Cooper: "Yep, I'm out." And yet! It being awards season
Taken 2 is a good sequel for those who were fans of the original, but it is not great.