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Can humans learn to listen to the outsiders, the marginalized communities, the downtrodden? This sci-fi author thinks it may be our planet’s best hope.
“I fan myself, and swoon. Of all the people in the bar, Idris Elba is talking to me."
The world in the era of President Hillary Clinton
Mary Elizabeth is a contemporary fiction and new adult romance writer with a huge and loyal fan base. She lives in Southern California with her family, styling hair by day and crafting addictive stories by night. Her latest novel, Low, was an Amazon best-seller and chronicles two bank robbing bandits in love and on the lam.
Having opinions on art and entertainment isn’t a privilege, and being insulated from feedback isn’t a right.
"Bey: The moment you turn 65, I’m poisoning you right out of my life."
In anticipation of the Sorcerer's Stone anniversary, we researched that ultimate expression of appreciation and came up with a list of 17 things we wish had happened in the Harry Potter books.