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Some felt the Queen of Soul would've been better served with a more expansive honor, however.
“And I hope she don’t mind, I don’t think she would, but I think I’m gonna come out of my shoes,” Barrino said before her moving performance in Detroit.
Fantasia took an audience to church during an old performance in Atlanta when she belted out "Purple Rain" in tribute to
The couple also took some pre-wedding photos to use for the big celebration. Barrino wore a floor-length, ruffled black gown
After years of toiling on TV shows, films, and recording studios, many acclaimed actors and musicians venture off to the
It was a suit and tie kind of night -- and not just for the soulful k.d. lang who made her Broadway debut as the new guest star in After Midnight. The evening was the type of party Carrie Bradshaw would attend -- if Carrie Bradshaw went to theater premieres.
The women did sugarcoat their comments by adding that they both love Williams. They'd just love Williams to lay off a bit
Old Harlem is celebrated in Harlem, and on Broadway in After Midnight. Last weekend, a ribbon cutting at Minton's, Richard
The new Broadway revue After Midnight squeezes so much song, dance, and fanfare into just 90 minutes that you'll need to catch your breath at the show's ending.
Why go on about the spectacular After Midnight, other than to say that for pure entertainment it comes as near being worth every penny charged as anything does in this gold-plated ticket era of ours?
While Fantasia is on pace to land her third top 10 album,"Side Effects Of You," this week, the “American Idol” winner has
When love is distant, elusive from her grasp, Fantasia's yearning is fodder for chart-topping hits. So what happens when
After a rough couple of months that saw this American Idol winner battling folks over Instagram comments, Fantasia is finally
Nevertheless, Fantasia did get a response from JET--although it was not an apology. Mitzi Miller, JET editor-in-chief, released
2013 has barely begun, and it is already shaping up to be the year of the anti-gay non-apology. We've got bad-boy actor Charlie Sheen, then we've got Fantasia Barrino, and last but certainly not least, we have President Obama's apparently favored choice for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel.
The 28-year-old singer now says her remarks were "taken out of context," according to the Hollywood Reporter, and that she