Fantasy Football

"Every person indicted off your list is another point towards a free democracy."
Those who decry the "politicization of sports" are only mad that it's black athletes now.
"Just how much does Steve suck at fantasy football? The answer may shock you."
ESPN is under fire for airing a fantasy football "auction" that evokes images of slavery. But it also reveals an uncomfortable truth.
Fans have witnessed the NFL allowing worse things than this over and over and over, and the truth is that most fans and players, including Kaepernick, have let those injustices slide.
For football fans everywhere, we can only hope a drop in ratings is the beginning of the end for Roger Goodell.
Week 7 sees Carolina and Dallas taking a breather, and while those are two fantasy-relevant teams, that still leaves lots
September has begun - and with it, the fantasy football season has truly kicked off in earnest.
Strong support for the Libertarian approach of Govs. Johnson and Weld is found not just when the major party candidates open their mouths, but also in an unlikely place, namely ESPN. That's right, the sports people!
On a recent flight, I was rereading Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In, when I glanced at the woman next to me and she was reading ESPN's Fantasy Football Preview. We shared a laugh.
The 2016-2017 NFL season is finally upon us. And, with that, comes fantasy football. In the weeks leading up to the season opener, mock drafts, preseason analysis and sports reporter predictions will surely fill your news feeds and your subconscious.
Waiting on a quarterback has become the thing to do, and with good reason. Taking a QB early means you're passing up on a top RB/WR, which can end up burning you down the road more-so than a late QB can do.
You've been waiting all summer for this. Your fantasy football draft has been circled on your calendar ever since the commissioner set the date. So how do you win your draft? I'm glad you asked.
It's that time of year again. Draft Day is coming up! You've purchased those glossy covered magazines. Perhaps you are downloading tip sheets and position rankings. In your head, there is a clock counting down the days.