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Ronald Colton McAbee was a sheriff's deputy when he attempted to breach the Capitol on Jan. 6. A judge is deciding whether he'll be freed pretrial.
Members of the media and law enforcement outnumbered the far-right Trump supporters who showed up in Washington on Saturday.
“We’re going to push back on the phony narrative that there was an insurrection," Matt Braynard told former White House strategist Steve Bannon.
"Gettr" has had all sorts of issues since its launch last month. It's time to add jihadi propaganda to the list.
The country, which elected a populist, anti-immigrant, anti-EU government less than three years ago, returns to the center.
"Rarely does our community see accused murderers roaming about freely,” prosecutors warned the court in a filing Wednesday.
A number of other groups, including the far-right Atomwaffen Division, have also been designated as terror organizations.
“We wait and take orders from our president,” one rioter said.
HuffPost spoke to David Neiwert, an author and expert on the far right.
As Donald Trump nears defeat in the 2020 election, his supporters put on a sad display in Harrisburg.