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The attempt to design the candy based on the party's logo led to what a parliamentary leader called a "completely unsuitable" gummy look.
Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro has called for mass protests on Sept. 7, a month ahead of an election he's desperately sought to undermine.
"The Late Late Show" host got snarky with Donald Trump's far-right following.
One thing that will happen is that a "lot of the Trump candidates who won the primary will lose the general election," said former Conn. Democratic lawmaker.
Republicans are well-positioned to emerge as the winners in this year's election, but far-right candidates might ruin it all for the party.
The bar was hosting a drag show Thursday when about 10 people showed up to yell about “pedophiles” and harass bar operators and patrons.
As an ultra-regressive movement aims to send gender norms back to the 1950s, previously uncontroversial events are suddenly facing intense harassment.
Details that emerged after the arrest of 31 white supremacists in Coeur D'Alene show how GOP rhetoric is signaling extremists to attack LGBTQ people.
Liberty Alliance, a far-right Missouri organization, named specific schools and school districts on its map.
Experts share their advice for parents when it comes to combatting extremist propaganda.