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“If you really want to protect your people, stop villainizing them in the eyes of other nations by taking such actions on behalf of them.”
The island is holding major talks to heal a divide that's lasted over four decades, but there's an elephant in the room.
"Many parents of gay kids have been so homophobic until they discover that their kid is gay. And then they’re stuck between what they learned and what their beliefs are on the one hand, and what their love is on the other."
"The fact that you have Trump saying one thing and the president doing something else does matter."
In August, these Iranians told us what they thought about the agreement. Now, they tell us what they think about its implementation.
"The word 'fragmentation' seems to define our times."
Different Iranians call the deal "the best resolution," "a path to the progressive world" and "nothing more than a piece of paper."
Introduction: One Islam, Three Sets of Muslims In December 2014, a group of nine heavily armed, black-clad men burst into
Watch Dalio's explanation in the video above and let us know what you've learned in the comments section. Dalio says that
"I mean, that is Orwellian in origin and let’s face it, it’s really not protecting patients as we’ve seen millions of people