A look into one transition zone, set up from scratch. Some wonder if the government can deliver on its promises fast enough.
As the CEO of TLEX Institute, a leadership institute that trains leaders from global agencies, Fortune 100 companies and
Within established constitutional democracies, referendums undermine the democratic process. For decisions that are so contentious
• Failing State: Perhaps the first foreign policy crisis of the incoming Trump Administration will be in our own hemisphere
When I began paying attention to Colombia, in 2008, the country was maligned, misunderstood, and mistrusted for two reasons -- Pablo Escobar and the terrorist group known as FARC.
As this comment recognises, in the end, opposition has helped strengthen the country's peace accord. Most of the concerns
Six weeks after a vote rejected a previous agreement, Colombia has another chance at ending its war.
The week long operation was ordered by then-President Álvaro Uribe Vélez, who had been recently elected on the promise of