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In one of his typical overstatements, notable for its unhinged bluster and truculence as well as its unintended alliteration
Exiting the Paris Agreement is a major blow to the fight against climate change.
He also likened Trump to both a car salesman and Adolf Hitler.
Fareed Zakaria Called Donald Trump A 'Bullshit Artist'
This time, she's targeting the Democratic National Convention, "thick" accents and Muslims.
The CNN host called on both elected officials and former cabinet members or advisers to mobilize against Trump.
A preview of the new CNN show "Why They Hate Us"
A summit of the four living U.S. central bank chiefs generated a surprising amount of agreement.
Bottom line is--thanks to the GOP--Donald Trump is shamelessly cashing in on the fears of innocent, brain-washed minds that have been fed lies of economic decline and betrayal for a long time. That is as reprehensible as all the hostility and brutishness he has personally incited.
Journalist Fareed Zakaria talks about his challenging, but necessary relationship with meditation.