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As it happens, Joan Blades and I also drew from Washington's Farewell Address in an earlier blog To Prevent the Spirit of
I'm Dorothy's Daughter, from a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, and you blessed me with an amazing opportunity and gift, to be the US Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom.
Celebrities take to social media to react to President Barack Obama’s farewell address.
Celebrities take to social media to react to President Barack Obama’s farewell address.
President Obama will look back at his legacy as he encourages supporters demoralized by the election of Donald Trump to feel optimism about the future of the country.
The best of Harry Reid’s farewell address to the Senate.
Candidates for president, most especially on the right, demonstrate a meanness of spirit, a disrespect for propriety, and a preference for polarizing invective that poisons the social cohesion so essential to progress.
This post is political satire And indeed, the young Representative humbly compared his life and career to that of the man
Arguably, by intervening in Syria's civil war, President Obama is ignoring Washington's advice and repeating the mistakes of the Bush administration in aggressively invading foreign countries that pose little threat to the direct security of American citizens.
John Kerry tears up during senate farewell address
Democracy in Washington's Farewell Address is a fragile thing. It is subject to the whims of public opinion, to the pull of parties, to the selfishness of generations, to the propensity of humans to make mistakes.
President Reagan's Farewell Address acts calls for a national unification over basic American values, which our divided nation has seemed to have dangerously abandoned today.
It's easy to feel a pang of pity for a guy heading out the door. But the more sympathy he evokes, the more susceptible we are to the lies he is telling. READ MORE Memo to Obama: Moving Forward Doesn't Mean You Can't Also Look Back Will Obama's promise to protect and defend the Constitution include an investigation into the assaults on it perpetrated by members of the Bush administration? READ MORE Watch: Arianna Discusses Bush's Farewell Address on Rachel Maddow Watch: Arianna Discusses Closing Gitmo on MSNBC
For eight years, we have also strived to expand opportunity and hope here at home. Across our country, students are rising
The problem with Bush's kind of politics can be summed up in one word: cynicism. His presidency legitimized an a whole cynical generation of government workers.