Farhad Manjoo

Many of these Ayn Randian-inspired startups have been kept alive by subsidies of the venture capital kind which, for various reasons, are starting to dry up.
This is a very strange situation, so I should explain. In October, about a month after I'd started my new job as a tech columnist
In environments where Google creates new kinds of searchers, Amazon creates new kinds of readers and Apple create new kinds of digital companionship, just what kinds of human capital do these innovations create?
Many indie authors, as it happens, are highly entrepreneurial and professional, and many of us are managing to sell our books on Amazon and elsewhere, so why shouldn't you be able to work with us and cash in?
This is Facebook's greatest strength: Zuckerberg and his minions copy everyone else's best ideas freely, unashamedly, and
If Kakutani & her sources can figure out how to eradicate our urge to communicate, they'll solve the lesser problem presented
From: [Redacted] To: [Redacted] Subject: WHO IS BARACK OBAMA? There are many things people do not know about BARACK OBAMA