farm animal abuse

Millions of animals would be spared from suffering. 🐷 🐔 🐮
When an animal food product in your grocery store is proudly labeled "USDA Organic," you would think that means the animal had exposure to fresh air, sunshine, and significantly more space to move than on standard non-organic farms. But in reality, the "organic" label provides no clear requirements for either space or outdoor access for most animals.
When one realizes that inhumanity toward farm animals is the norm, not the exception, in animal agriculture today, it becomes clearer just why there's such fervor in the meat industry to pass ag-gag laws. This is an industry that's desperate to keep Americans in the dark about its routine cruelty.
Fernando, a Spanish donkey, knew nothing but work for his first 20 years on Earth. When he injured his foot, the owners who
"This is a huge victory not only for the Constitution but animals and consumers."
It seems that Governor Christie overturned the will of the people of New Jersey to protect the interests of a group of people in another state one thousand miles away: Iowa.
It may seem like an unlikely partnership, but in the race to protect animals from the abuses of factory farms, NASCAR driver
Industrial agriculture, like most powerful business interests, has a very effective lobbying organization -- not only in DC, but also in state capitols around the country.