farm animals

Proposition 12 may change the way farms nationwide treat their chickens, pigs and calves.
The WHO director-general called the declining efficacy of antibiotics a "security threat."
"Once he stopped chasing the flock that was incapable of seeing him, an instinct emerged."
"She is more special than a horse, more rare,” says the owner.
Massachusetts has a history of being a leader on many progressive issues, including animal protection. And right now there's ground-breaking statewide campaign that would put Massachusetts at the forefront of this humane movement.
Up is down, black is white, and this meat was "raised with care."
"I was blinded by my own level of anxiety. You know, birth is a pretty dangerous event."
When a pig farmer reported an animal rights activist for interfering with his property, he likely didn't anticipate that he'd be setting up the entire meat industry to be put on trial. Yet, that's exactly what happened.
The next decade will witness the greatest advancements in farm animal welfare in modern American history.