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In 1910, rural black families held between 16 million and 19 million acres of farmland. Active farms how account 2.5 million acres.
The actress' reaction to the 2005 video? "If you guys need me, I'll be in the hole in the ground."
Reps. Jim Costa, Al Lawson, Collin Peterson, Dutch Ruppersberger and David Scott helped the GOP ensure the House won't consider a companion bill to anti-Saudi legislation soon expected to pass the Senate.
With Democrats taking over the House, Republicans are eager to pass the farm bill.
Democrats still have a say in the Senate, and they're not OK with cutting benefits.
The morning after Election Day, I found myself in a very small college town in rural Pennsylvania where people were celebrating
The historic partnership of nutrition and farm programs has been crucial to ensuring the quantity and quality of food available
"I normally don't consider the price when it comes to food. I buy what I want," says Rory Freedman , author of the mega-bestselling
I presented cheesemaking as an exercise in self-sufficiency, exploration and embracing mystery. That might strike you as a little too high-minded for the simple act of mixing warm milk and vinegar. But the throng of curious dairy lovers were all on the same page.
More than half a million of the poorest Americans will lose a critical tool to help keep food on the table this year. That's because a three-month limit on SNAP (food stamps) for jobless adults aged 18-49 who aren't disabled or raising minor children is returning in 23 states for the first time since the Great Recession.
Here's a no-way-definitive list of what I'd like to ask Democratic candidates on the stage in the coming debates about their food and farm policy plans.
By larding up their Iowa teams with the historically subsidized and by endorsing crop insurance, Bush and Walker are trying to split the difference between looking conservative while appealing to Iowa primary voters.
The modern farm lobby has many similarities with the Republican Party like denying climate change and calling for the repeal of Obamacare in policy books. Until today...
"Got Milk" and "Beef, It's What's for Dinner" ad campaigns have become part of the American culture, but few realize they are paid for by the USDA Checkoff programs.
To take advantage of this "heat and eat" scheme, Wisconsin had been automatically signing up all SNAP applicants for $1 of
We should be paying farmers to do the right thing. Conservation needs to be viewed as a crop since incentives will be key to water quality and GHG reduction efforts. But if the ultimate goal is clean water and agriculture productivity, then the ag lobby is going to have to fight hard and loud for conservation funding.
As the Koch brothers and their ultra-wealthy cronies think they've figured out, a little chicken manure goes a long way when it comes to misleading voters into supporting the GOP.
The farm bill has been a key issue in the Arkansas Senate race, in which Cotton holds a slight lead, according to HuffPost