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For decades growers vowed never to "compete on the basis of social responsibility," but in Florida those days are on their way out. Social responsibility is like the genie that, once out of the bottle, cannot be forced back in.
The 21st-century customer knows more than ever about which farmers are good to the environment and good for the health of shoppers. But there's one thing that promo ads won't tell you: whether farmers are good to their employees.
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today made a push for comprehensive immigration reform, saying the nation’s broken
And she responded with an act of kindness. About 30 minutes into my job as a picker, the strawberry fairy left her first
Rena Steinzor, a farm worker advocate, explains how the government has failed to help workers and their poor conditions.
These statistics paint a picture of a socioeconomically vulnerable population that is likely to endure without complaint
The Administration has recognized the danger of this work before, and the [Labor Department] proposal would have updated
In his new book, Barry Estabrook tells us why the modern factory-farmed tomato in most grocery stores is a poster child for nearly everything that is wrong with industrial agriculture.