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If you passed Richard Hoyle on the street, you'd never guess that he's a long-time vegan and animal rights activist. Nearing his 70th birthday, Richard is a self-described "crusty old conservative." He's also eloquent, wise, humble, and funny.
Before there was PETA, PCRM, Farm Sanctuary, Vegan Street and Meatless Monday, there was Farm Animal Rights Movement. Now
The Catskill Animal Sanctuary rescues farm animals from a variety of bad circumstances. After one of their biggest rescues last October, they have welcomed a heard of baby goats that are getting a lot of attention.
The holidays can be rough for those of us who care about animals that are not traditionally thought of as pets. Thanks to my little turkey rescue tradition, Thanksgiving is a time when I get to share with the world how delightful turkeys can be if they are given a chance.
The holiday season is almost upon us, and there's no gift that brings more joy into your home than an adopted or rescued pet. I can't even think of a day without my beautiful dog, Madison! The unconditional love and warmth that a pet adds to your world is as priceless as the animal's life you are saving.
"Turkeys are amazing, and this is the greatest time of year to celebrate their lives."
Every week at The Pollination Project, we make small seed grants to social change entrepreneurs and visionaries all over the world. This week we are honored to support projects that help reduce harm among vulnerable people, and promote hope, healing and goodness around the world.
Unfortunately, investigations rarely lead to legal repercussions for executives and businesses that profit the most from
Animal lovers everywhere will rejoice at Jon and Tracey Stewart's news.
Coming Home Farm Sanctuary took in two adult cattle, five calves, four pigs, and 30 goats. We picked out the sickest of the