farm subsidies

The plan also promises to increase funding to the military, all while claiming to balance the budget in 15 years.
Meanwhile, government insurance and subsidies will provide nearly 40% of farm income this year.
Nunes' parents' farm is thousands of miles from the congressman's California home, Esquire reported last year.
The program is "not delivering aid" to smaller family farms in "desperate need," says an adviser to Environmental Working Group, which crunched the numbers.
I strongly support crop insurance reform. I would like to see Congress dig deeper and design a more equitable and transparent farm safety net.
By larding up their Iowa teams with the historically subsidized and by endorsing crop insurance, Bush and Walker are trying to split the difference between looking conservative while appealing to Iowa primary voters.
The modern farm lobby has many similarities with the Republican Party like denying climate change and calling for the repeal of Obamacare in policy books. Until today...
All the ticket holders HuffPost spoke with had received an email confirmation after they registered for the summit, as well
After the bill failed, conservative Republicans in the House tried to split the farm subsidies and food stamps into separate
He's also spoken out against farm subsidies, even though he receives them himself; has clashed with billionaire birther Donald