There's no mention of it in State Department declaration, and Mexican officials told Bloomberg News they were not aware of it.
Corn growers say the president's tariff mess could not have come at a "worse time, bringing more uncertainty to markets and impacting commodity prices."
When Kurtis Kaser realized he was stuck, he started sawing at his left foot until he was free.
And Trump flips his script: He tells farmers he's going to make it easier for some immigrants to come in to do field labor. "You need these people," he says.
Rep. Jeff Denham, who represents California’s agricultural Central Valley, faces a serious re-election challenge.
The president plans to give farmers $12 billion to mitigate the effects of his trade war.
The Washington Post earlier reported that the White House was readying $12 billion in assistance, citing two people familiar with the plan.
"It just made me feel so overcome with joy and tears," the 12-year-old performer said.
So I recently did the next best thing: I went to Ty Llwyd Farm in Northville, New York, on the North Fork of Long Island
In his recent book, Insurgent Democracy Michael Lansing explains, "Small-property holders anxious to use government to create
Sounds good! After a few years playing just a few minutes for a few different teams, Miličić was waived by his final team
Exciting news, candy lover! Your Kit Kat will now contain sucrose molecules from Latin America instead of Minnesota. That's right, an anti-GMO group has been hard at work, fighting for your right to eat a new peanut butter cup that is exactly like the old peanut butter cup.
The systemically low prices in cocoa have drastic consequences for farmers and their families. More than 2 million children in the Ivory Coast and Ghana are being deprived of their childhoods, either working in extremely hazardous conditions or working in lieu of going to school, so that we can get our chocolate fix.
It was a Friday afternoon when Fatty called me and asked if I want to go 50/50 in buying a goat with him for our friend Luke's