One of the nation’s biggest industries is staffed by workers facing grueling conditions and sky-high depression rates.
“This is a public health issue; this is a justice issue,” an advocate said.
The omission of farmworkers from overtime law is a vestige of the Great Depression. A bill introduced by Sen. Kamala Harris would get rid of it.
In the Golden State's agricultural heartland, young undocumented immigrants plead for support from their congressmen.
Trump wants to "honor" farmers, but his policies could put their livelihoods at risk and their health care on the chopping block.
Former President Bill Clinton shows Dems are serious about harvesting every last Florida vote.
It is imperative that companies are held accountable when such illegal and morally reprehensible conduct occurs in the workplace. That is why discrimination against immigrant and other vulnerable workers is a top enforcement priority for EEOC.
We will march so that those growers who refuse to meet the new standards no longer get solace, and sales, from retailers like Publix who remain willing to purchase tomatoes produced the old way -- "no questions asked."
Cesar's sincere efforts to remedy the situation he knew best are what turned him into the icon he is today. His efforts came from within