"Now, as winter approaches, they’ll keep working amid the rain, mud, and cold,” United Farm Workers said as the nation prepares to tuck into the festive season.
The Biden White House could reverse Trump's new regulation for H-2A visas after taking over, but it's likely to be a time-consuming process.
The U.S. Agriculture Department's decision to suspend a farm labor survey could lead to lower minimum wages in the fields.
From Florida to New Jersey, workers and doctors are worried about more outbreaks during the summer harvest.
One of the nation’s biggest industries is staffed by workers facing grueling conditions and sky-high depression rates.
“This is a public health issue; this is a justice issue,” an advocate said.
The omission of farmworkers from overtime law is a vestige of the Great Depression. A bill introduced by Sen. Kamala Harris would get rid of it.
In the Golden State's agricultural heartland, young undocumented immigrants plead for support from their congressmen.
Trump wants to "honor" farmers, but his policies could put their livelihoods at risk and their health care on the chopping block.